Discovering my Personal Brand


Personal Brand

Week Four of SCM501 consisted of learning about personal brands, and how ‘we’ are perceived by anyone who comes across our presence in the digital environment. What type of brand are we putting out there, how do we want people to see us.

According to the Marketing Blog a brand is:

It is the emotional and psychological relationship you have with your customers. Strong brands elicit opinions, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from customers.

A strong brand will evoke emotions when you see it’s logo or hear its name.  Brand is more than image, colours, logo and slogan it states your purpose, what you represent, your values which leads us nicely into the next topic which is coming up with a mantra…

As part of SCM501 our task was to come up with our own personal mantra that represents us as a brand.  In this context the task is coming up with a slogan that encapsulates ‘you’ or what you are hoping to achieve by having a presence online.

The Miriam Webster online dictionary defines mantra as:

A sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating

A word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

My Mantra

Where to start, I have a few lines I’d consider mantras but these don’t necessarily fit with my online presence or the one I’d portray in my blog site:

Live Laugh Love

Ah yes the inevitable three “L’s”, live like its your last day on earth, make a point of laughing every day (its really good for you) and love, yes love can conquer all or so they say.  Its one of the most powerful forces in the universe but not quite the mantra I’m after for this.. Here’s another one of my goodies:

Look only for the divine in people and things and leave all the rest to God

I’m not religious but I love this saying by an unknown author.  For me, it means to focus on the positive aspects of all things and not to be judgemental after all no one is perfect, leave it to the universe…

Brainstorn session

I had to brainstorm ideas that came to mind for me personally in terms of my online presence (see above image) finally I have decided on the following mantra:

Mana Motuhake

Mana refers to power, prestige; Motuhake means separate, special or distinct.  When put together for me personally these words refer to taking ownership of ones destiny, being individual and true to yourself.. finding your own path in life, your own power which I feel is adequate for this course and blog.

May you all make your own path in life, follow your bliss and be true to yourselves..


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